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Gas Phase Filtration

Gas Phase Filtration

Envirox stocks, supplies, installs and services chemical absorption and physical absorption gas filtration solutions. These solutions are customised to your application and requirements in order to provide high-performance air purification of corrosive or toxic gases and to handle those with strong odours.

Referred to as ‘carbon units’ by some industry professionals, especially within the pharmaceutical industry, these carbon systems consist of primary filtration media to ensure dust particles is captured, and a carbon blend to ensure all chemicals and odours are filtered before re-entering the atmosphere. These gas phase filtration systems are not designed to for dust extraction, and although they can handle a small amount, it is mostly for fume extraction.

These gas phase filtration units can be manufactured in different kinds of steel, depending on the application at hand. The units come standard with transitions for the extraction fans and magnahelic gauges to indicate pressure levels on the primary filter. The carbon pallets can only be lab-tested for saturation.

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