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Dust Filtration

Dust Filtration

Problem solving is our specialty when it comes to challenges related to fumes, gas, dust, recycling, as well as creating safe working conditions and maintaining an efficient production environment.  Many of our solutions have been ground breaking innovations within the metal fabrication, plastic and composite processing industries, as well as chemical, food, woodworking, vehicle repair environments and more.

We have a wide range of dust filtration units suitable for most dust application types and we offer a large assortment of round bags and flat bag filter products and systems.

Dust filtration system benefits

  • Eliminate dust, smoke and fume particles
  • Separate large volumes of material
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in South Africa and Africa

Dust filtration system applications

Our range of dust filtration systems are tailored for use in:

  • Eliminating pollutants from industrial air flows
  • Indoor / outdoor material separation
  • Hygiene sensitive sites
  • Welding environments

Our dust filtration solutions are versatile and can be adapted to any application or task-specific filtration demands.

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