NFPZ Dust Collector

Features and benefits of the NFPZ:

  • Handles air volumes from 1 500 – 33 000 m³ / h (883 – 19400 CFM)
  • ATEX-certified for St1 and St2 dust with a Kst value up to 300 bar m/s
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for handling large volumes of air with limited material contamination
  • Designed for continuous operation or operation with 15 minute breaks for cleaning, approx. every four hours
  • For mounting on the ground
  • Overpressure or vacuum versions up to 5 000 Pa
  • Explosion relief upwards or sideways
  • Powerful online cleaning with efficient regeneration fans
  • Patented antistatic polyester SUPERBAGs
  • Easy to install on site and extend when required
  • Low energy consumption


The NFPZ from Envirox, alternately called the NFPZ3000 baghouse dust collector with container, is a modular dust collector made of galvanised steel sheets with telescopic support. It is ideal for small and medium-sized woodwork shops producing limited volumes of material, and is suitable for outdoor use.

Available in two width variations, type E, 1 200 mm (47") wide and type J 2 400 mm (94") wide, means Envirox has the most suitable dust collectors for your varied application requirements. Filters can be supplied either for continuous operation or with a break to enable filter bag cleaning every four hours.

Each module of the filter design is fitted with a combined inspection and explosion relief door, while filter cleaning is achieved by using regeneration fans. A unique, patented SUPERBAG fits to the filter, and removed material is first separated in the filter hopper and collected in metal containers.

The NFPZ3000 baghouse dust collector with container can be used in the following applications: oil mist collection, coolants and cutting fluids, hot gases, foundry sand, dry material, wood waste, energy optimisation, vehicle exhaust, waste heat recovery, metal swarf, chips and blasting media.

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