MJB Baghouse Dust Collector

Our MJB baghouse dust collector features:

  • Handles high constant temperatures, up to 250 °C
  • Integrated pre – separator with down or cross – flow air distribution
  • ATEX-certified for explosive dust (St1, St2 and St3)
  • Strong, welded weatherproof steel design


Developed for continuous operation in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications, the MJB baghouse dust collector is suitable for most fine dusts, including those produced by metal grinding, welding fumes and most powders, with achievable volume throughput's of between 680 to 32 000 m³/hour.

The fourth generation of the tough MJB reverse jet tubular bag dust collectors are built on over 30 years of manufacturing and application experience. These filters are characterised by a robust unit design that handles high vacuum and overpressure over an efficient 24 - hour operation.

These filters are ideal for large air volumes, high temperatures and large quantities of material.

Install efficient, durable and long - lasting dust collection systems across your facility!