Manual Pumps

Features of our Manual Pumps:

  •           Suitable for oil and grease
  •           Short or long distance flow
  •           Wall-mounted or fixed into the drum / tank
  •           High-capacity lubrication


Envirox supplies Nederman manual pumps for continuous short or long distance flow of oil and grease in any application.

These manually-operated lubricating pumps are ideal for transferring high- or low-viscosity fluids, including: tyre sealant, motor oil, old waste oil, antifreeze, transmission oil and other similar products.

These single- or double-acting pumps can be wall-mounted or placed directly onto the drum or tank – and are suitable for movable and fixed installations.

Their corrosion-resistant design ensures a long operating life and can be connected to several distribution points within your workspace.

Oil Pumps

For transferring low-viscosity fluids such as motor oil, old waste oil, antifreeze liquid, transmission oil, ATF oil and other similar products.

Grease Pumps

For short and long distance high-viscosity grease distribution.

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