FS Filter

FS Filter features and benefits:

  • Air volume range: 10 000 to 250 000 m³ / h (10 000 to 200 000 CFM)
  • Air flow from top-to-bottom (down-flow principle)
  • Filtering surface per filter house: 100 to 2500 m² (1 076 – 26 900 ft²)
  • Modular construction
  • Low residual dust content due to special filter media
  • Usable for temperatures up to 250° C (482° F)


The FS Filter from Envirox, otherwise known as the FS Flat Bag Dust Collector, has been designed for use in larger industrial plants with hot gas applications – it is usable for temperatures of up to 250° C. With an air volume range of 10 000 to 250 000 m³ / h, its functional unit comprises the hood for dust-laden gas, the filter casing, and the dust collection hopper with support structure and discharge unit.

The Nederman FS filter is ideal for use with hot gases in the extraction of dust and particles, combustible dust, welding and cutting, and smoke and fume extraction.

The FS filter bags are arranged horizontally in the dirty gas chamber as the air flow direction operates on the down-flow principle. The gas enters the clean gas chamber of the filter through the filter bags. During this process, the dust is retained by the filter media and subsequently forms a filter cake – fundamentally important for dust filtration. The fully programmable de-dusting process is activated after an identifiable time period when the dust is cleaned from the filter flat bag. The dust then falls into the collecting hopper and is conveyed out via the dust conveyor unit.

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