FilterMax F Dust Collector

FilterMax F features and benefits:

  • Filter airflow up to 10 000 m³ / h (5 900 CFM)
  • Integrated pre-separator
  • Automatic control system
  • Pulse-jet cleaning system


FilterMax F from Envirox is a complete integrated filter solution for the whole workshop. It is perfectly suited for applications involving smoke and coarse particles. This is made possible with a modular cartridge dust collector, which has a built-in pre-separator and spark trap.

The FilterMax F cartridge is a compact high-performance filter cartridge with a flat shape. This shape reduces the area of “lost” medium at the top of the cartridge. The integrated pre-separator catches up to 80% of the coarse particles and larger sparks. This helps increase the service life of the filter cartridges.

The fitted Nederman automatic cleaning system cleans the filter cartridges with a pulse-jet system while the filter is in operation. The FilterMax F can be cleaned after operation when required.

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