FilterMax C25

The FilterMax C25 features:

  • Air volumes up to 2 750 m³ / hr
  • Quiet and efficient pulse jet cleaning system
  • Choice of filter media
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain
  • Integrated fan with built-in control system simplifies mechanical and electrical installation


The FilterMax C25 from Envirox is a complete stand-alone unit with an integrated fan and control panel for low volume applications up to 2 750 m³/hr in confined spaces.

The unit offers excellent filtration properties with low operating pressure and high filtration efficiency. This filtration solution is suitable for capturing welding and cutting fumes and dust contaminants generated within the metal industry and non-explosive dust from other industries. A wide range of cartridges are available for different applications.

This FilterMax C25 is a compact, high - performance filter cartridge that is available in various materials offering slightly different performance properties as required by application. A flat cartridge shape minimises the area of ‘lost’ medium at the cartridge top.

The FilterMax C25 is designed for simple, automatic cleaning to ensure maximum filtration uptime. The pulse - jet system cleans the cartridges in sequence during operation (post - operation cleaning is also possible).

Enjoy the benefits of a high - efficiency, low - maintenance integrated dust filtration solution.