FD Filter

FD Filter features and benefits:

  • Air volume range: 17 000 to 340 000 m³ / h (10 000 to 200 000 CFM)
  • Robust weatherproof welded steel construction
  • Off-line cleaning during full load operation
  • Efficient down-flow inlet air flow pattern
  • Fast installation
  • Low emissions
  • Long filter bag life


The FD Filter from Envirox, sometimes called the FD flat bag dust collector, has an air volume range of 17 000 to 340 000 m³ / h and, with its compressed air cleaning, is suitable for larger industrial plants using hot gas applications. All FD filter units, which have a very compact modular and space-saving design, are pre-assembled and factory tested ensuring product quality for the end user.

The filter is fitted with stationary blowpipes and injection nozzles, with compressed air supplied from compressed air containers, which have electromagnetic cleaning valves located outside the filter chambers.

The FD Filter is ideal for use within typical dust control and process applications; hot metal processes; aluminium/non-ferrous metals, iron and steel; waste incineration/biomass processes; crematoria; foundry processes; and asphalt plants.

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