Cyclofilter Baghouse Dust Collectors

Features of the CJB Cyclofilter:

  • Large throughput volumes of up to 160 000 m³/hr
  • ATEX-certified with explosion-proof panels in category St1
  • Monitored cleaning system reduces compressed air consumption
  • Very low maintenance demands due to lack of moving parts
  • Reduces residual dust concentration to < 0.1g/m³


The Nederman CJB Cyclofilter from Envirox combines cyclone separation with bag filtration for maximum - efficiency dust removal from your airstream in woodwork, chemicals, metalwork, fabrication and welding applications. The CJB Cyclofilter provides continuous operation for air volumes ranging from 7 500 up to 160 000 m3/hr.

The efficient centrifugal pre-separation guarantees effective filtration for high dust content over 300 g/m³. The combination of cyclone and bag filtration technology reduces upward velocity and the generated dust load - maximising bag media life and greatly enhancing filter efficiency, even in the toughest of applications.

The CJB Cyclofilter delivers a very low dust content output that is less than 0.1 g/m³ with only approximately 50% of the filter area of an alternative chain filter.

It is available in positive or negative pressure configurations.

Combine the benefits of cyclone separation and bag filtration for a high efficiency dust removal solution.