CJB Dx Dust Collectors

Additional features include:

  • Extremely small environmental footprint
  • Monitored cleaning system requires low compressed air consumption
  • Durable filter housing
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Available in positive or negative pressure configurations
  • 24-hour operation


The Nederman CJB Dx Dust Collector from Envirox is tailored for use in explosive dust environments. Fitted with explosion-proof panels and certified under the ATEX directive, it is a cost-effective and efficient dust collector which combines cyclone separation with bag filtration for efficient dust removal from your airstream.

Ideal for use in woodwork, food & beverage, paper and plastics applications, the separation of dust from the airstream results in a reduced upward velocity and dust load, maximising the CJB Dx bag life.

The low dust load improves filter efficiency, even in tough applications, giving typical emission levels of less than 0.1 mg / m³. These low emission levels are achieved with only about 50% compared to the filter area of an alternative chain filter, giving a filtration efficiency of extremely close to 100% (99.99974%). CJB Dx dust collectors also reduce residual dust concentration to less than 0.1 mg / m³.

CJB Dx Dust Collector features:

CJB Dx systems can be designed to handle large waste volumes in excess of 300 g / m³, and its filter bags automatic on demand pulse-jet cleaning allows

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