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Harmful dust and fumes produced during manufacturing operations will jeopardise the health of employees in the workspace. This often results in significant losses arising from sick leave, poor work output and costly medical treatment.

Capturing dust at the source of generation is key in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of employees as well as maximising profit and protecting the lifespan of equipment.

The Nederman Filterbox mobile dust Collector is an excellent dust filtration system that is highly versatile and cost effective.

The Nederman Filterbox mobile dust collector is optimised for easy application in all environments. It can be mobile on wheels, attached to a floor stand or even mounted on the wall.

The Nederman Filterbox comes either in 3m single or double extraction arms to make fume and dust extraction highly efficient for single-manned and double-manned operations.

Sophisticated replacement filter cartridges are included in the Filterbox design, making it suitable for use in extracting different types of fumes and dust. Replacement filters for the FilterBox include the Standard filter cartridge PW13 for welding fumes and dust with a 99% filter efficiency covering 13m squared. The filtration capacity of the Nederman FilterBox is further enhanced when HEPA filters are installed as an option.

Nederman Filterbox mobile dust collectors come in both manual and automatic versions. When airflow becomes significantly low, the advanced filter control system initiates cleaning.

To provide efficiency for good hygienic conditions in food processing industries, the FilterBox Hygiene version was developed to give and guarantee exceptional dust extraction for hygienic applications.

The FilterBox is also equipped with strong fans for maximum airflow capacity that promotes perfect extraction and filtration of fumes and dust. A special integrated silencer built in the FilterBox reduces noise of outlet air from the fan.

Nederman FilterBox Mobile Dust Collectors Are Available From Envirox

FilterBox 10A

FilterBox 10A is designed to extract and filter dust and welding fumes at source.
The unit has an advanced filter control system with automatic cleaning that starts when the air flow is too low.

The cleaning characteristics of FilterBox 10A include mechanical cleaning for dust applications or a combination of mechanical and compressed air cleaning for fumes and dust. An automatic damper prevents dust from leaking out whilst cleaning. FilterBox 10A guarantees additional protection from harmful particles when a HEPA filter is installed.

FilterBox 10M

The Nederman FilterBox 10M supplied by Envirox is designed to provide at-source welding fume and dust extraction.

It comes in the form of a mobile unit on wheels or mounted on a floor stand.
FilterBox 10M has a filter supervision system which alerts operators when airflow is low. When an insufficient air level is reached, FilterBox 10M carries out mechanical cleaning or compressed air cleaning. Additional protection from harmful particles is further enhanced when a HEPA filter is installed on the FilterBox 10M.

The effective automatic damper on FilterBox 10M supplied by Envirox helps in preventing dust from leaking out. Furthermore, the unit guarantees dust free replacement and disposal.

FilterBox Twin

The Nederman FilterBox Twin is a highly effective and efficient extraction system that ensures optimal at-source removal of welding fumes and dust from the workspace.

There are two versions of the Nederman FilterBox Twin. The Automatic Version and The Manual Version. Both versions possess highly effective mechanical cleaning functionality.

The Manual version has an alarm that indicates when the airflow becomes too low. The automatic version has an advanced filter control system that starts the cleaning process automatically when airflow becomes very low.

FilterBox Twin supplied by Envirox is equipped with two 3m extraction arms and a powerful 2.2kw fan for maximum airflow capacity at 850 m3/h per arm if both are in use.

Our FilterBox Twin is available as a mobile unit on wheels or a unit attached to a floor stand.

Do you need more flexibility in your industrial workplace extraction solutions? Do you carry out work off site more often in different locations?

Yes? Then the Nederman Filterbox mobile dust collector was designed with you firmly in mind.

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