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If anything has be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s just how easily viruses can be transmitted from one person to another. With this new realisation there has been an increase in handwashing, surface and hand sanitising, and social distancing. Many businesses are re-evaluating how they do business, and what they can do to mitigate the spreading of this and other diseases in the future. However, some businesses do not have the opportunity to change the way their job is done.

When it comes to the dental industry tasks such as aerosol generated processes have caused concern around the transmission of infections and diseases. Due to contact with saliva and blood, instruments need to be properly sterilised to ensure that nothing is transferred from patient to patient, and dentists, dental technicians and patients need to be wearing the correct gear to minimise their chances of infection.

Drilling and other aerosol related activities are conducted by dentists multiple times a day, and are vital to the art of dentistry. The combination of the high-speed drill with the water spray can generate airborne particles, similar to a cough or a sneeze, from the saliva, blood, tooth debris, dental plaque and restorative materials. However, the high infection rate of COVID-19 has brought to light the need to investigate protective measures that can be put into place to minimise the spread of infections and diseases. Nederman’s range of FX2 Extraction Arms and their Benchtop Extraction Kits, supplied by Envirox, offer the perfect solutions.

The Nederman FX2 Extraction Arm range allows for the extraction of hazardous airborne contaminants in tight spaces. The small, flexible and easy to use arms are strong and durable, and made of lightweight adonized aluminium sections with adjustable composite friction joints. They can be mounted on various surfaces – ceilings, walls or worktop mountings, giving the dentist the opportunity to place the arm where it won’t affect his work. It can rotate 360° bringing the arm to the dentist when needed and can be neatly stored away when not in use. It aids in the immediate extraction of various infected particles at the source, providing peace of mind when dental work is required. All FX2 Extraction Arms are supplied standard with a mini hood which can then connect to other hoods such as the ergonomically designed combi hood, the dome hood, the flange hood and the metal hood irrespective of the arm size.
The Nederman FX2 arms are available in self-assembly kits, the Nederman Bench Top Extraction kits, also supplied by Envirox. These kits include arms with a hood or nozzle, a fan with speed control and a standard filter, hose, connectors and table bracket, and there is no need for a duct.