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Dust explosions in work spaces can cause serious problems such as equipment damage, discontinuation of activities, fire outbreak and injury to staff.

Industrial processing equipment is able to stand the test of time due to the protection that explosion vents offer. Explosion vents are occupational safety devices that provide protection to industrial process vessels, dust collectors, piping/duct networks and other important industrial structures from excessive internal explosion-incurred pressures via relief. The pressure relief is done by providing a route of escape for expanding gases and flames. Explosion vents quickly and without delay relieve pressure from dust collector units once their activation pressure or opening pressure has been exceeded.

Deflagrating pressures from dust collector units are able to escape through explosion vent openings because of how they have been technically designed to rapture once there is excessive pressure build-up. The deflagrating pressure which can cause devastating explosions is then released into the atmosphere.

Fine organic and metal dust particles can be combustible when airborne in high concentration, combined with oxygen and an ignition source. When an explosion occurs inside the dust collector, the explosion vent will relieve the explosion in a controlled way and will prevent the dust collector from exploding. If a dust collector explodes it can result in the loss of life and cause severe damage to buildings and equipment.

When deciding to acquire combustible dust extraction units, a company must choose a dust collector that complies with the ATEX directive for combustible dust.

Some of the features of an ATEX dust collectors include the following:

  • Explosion vent to relieve the force of the explosion.
  • Antistatic cartridges or bags which are earthed to prevent a static spark as a result of the friction inside the duct line and duct collector.
  • A reinforced body that can withstand the pressure build-up during an explosion.
  • Isolation valve that will prevent the explosion to go back through the ducting and into the building.

Envirox Offering: Nederman ATEX Units

Nederman FMCZ Cartridge Dust Collector

The Nederman FMCZ Cartridge dust collector range are very high performing combustible dust filtration units that are compactly designed and patented with Uniclean specifications.
Designed with all ATEX compliant features for combustible dusts, the FMCZ dust collector can reliably be fitted with different filter cartridges.
The modular design of The Nederman FMCZ cartridge filter is efficient and cost effective. It’seffectiveness is strengthened when installed close to source of the dust , as this reduces its rate of energy consumption.

The Nederaman MJC Cartridge Dust Collector

The Nederman MJC range of cartridge dust collectors are modular designed for application in different workspaces where light to heavy volumes of dust are produced.
With a patented Uniclean cartridge technology for maximum protection against combustible dust with an extended life span.
With ATEX compliant features for St1, St2 and St3 dusts included in its design, the dust collectors are highly capable of preventing dust explosions.

The Nederman MJB Tubular Bag Filter

The Nederman MJB range of Tubular Bag Filters are highly versatile innovative filtration units that are built with patented Uniclean technology for efficient dust removal from workspaces using very low energy.
The Nederman MJB tubular bag filters are Built with ATEX compliant features for combustible dusts in all environments. It is highly durable and Maintenance is easy.


The range of Nederman Auto M dust collector units are specially designed for non-continuous application in environments where explosive dust is generated.
It operates on an automatic electric shaker mechanism and manufactured with ATEX compliant features for explosive dusts St1, St2 and St3.

The Nederman CARZExplosion Isolation Flap Valve

The Nederman series of CARZIsolation Flap Valves are explosive resistant modular designed component for workspaces where explosive dust generation is inevitable. They are designed to protect against the dangers of explosion pressure waves transmission and to also prevent flames from reaching upstream environments.
When an explosion occursthe flap plate closes immediately as a result of the back pressure, thus preventing the flames from reaching upstream areas.