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Dust collectors may be a necessity in many workshops across various industries to ensure the health and safety of employees on the workshop floor, however there are some companies that only need a solution for occasional welding applications. Purchasing a mobile filter unit for occasional use can be costly, and therefore could be overlooked, putting the health of the welder in jeopardy.

During these hard-hit economic times, looking for quality products at an affordable price can seem almost impossible, with prices increasing regularly and quality standards dropping. Providing existing and potential clients with products that they know they can rely on, at a suitable price is the aim of Envirox, supplier of quality Nederman mobile filter units. Importing in bulk from Nederman, gives Envirox the option to provide clients with the lowest possible price, competitive to other brands.

The Nederman FilterCart is perfect for occasional welding application use, without breaking the bank. It includes stationary filter cartridges, that only need to be replaced when they become dirty and can be fitted with a HEPA filter for maximum extraction efficiency.

The Nederman FilterCart range includes:

  • FilterCart Original portable extractor, offering versatile performance for industrial light-duty welding extraction. It includes an integrated spotlight, is easy to manoeuvre and can be delivered with an additional 3m extraction arm if needed.
  • FilterCart W3 portable extractor adheres to the strict W3 legislation from BGIA. It is perfect for light-duty extraction, and should a filter become dirty a safety warning signal will be set off. The W3 BGIA certificate ensures reliable extraction and filtration to an efficiency of 99%. It includes a metal hood, an integrated spotlight, and creates maximum air velocity at the welding point.
  • FilterCart Carbon Odour Extractor is a mobile unit designed for the extraction of odours including solvents, fumes and gases. It also includes and extraction arm.

For information on the Nederman FilterCart, and its suitability for your workshop floor, contact Envirox with any questions you may have, and ask for a comparative quote.