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Installing the correct dust collector on the workshop floor is important when it comes to extracting hazardous and combustible dust from the air. The health and safety of all employees on the workshop floor should be a top priority for all businesses, as exposure to these dusts and fumes impacts not only the health of the workers but also the delivery time of the business.

Some ranges of dust collectors only offer large units as a solution to these hazardous dusts and fumes, and do not offer compact units suitable for airflows of between 800m3/h to 3000m3/h. This results in the business paying more for a unit that does not suit their unique needs.

The Nederman range of dust collectors has a solution for all types of dusts and fumes available in compact options as well as large units. Available from Envirox, Nederman understands that the dust collector needs of all businesses are not the same, and therefore a solution should be available for all types and sizes of workshop floors.

Along with larger units, Nederman also offers compact units that are best suited to certain industries and applications

  • The Nederman MJC Mini range of dust collectors can be used for both combustible and non-combustible dust. Suitable for continuous operation during industrial process filtration and dust collection applications, this range can eradicate the air of any dust expelled through shot, sand and bead blasting, as well as welding, cutting and many other processes.
  • The Nederman FMC dust collector captures and filters dry dust and fumes. Its range of reverse jet cartridge filters is suitable for continuous use and includes the patented Nederman UniClean cartridge technology for efficient and effective cleaning which can aid in an extended lifespan.
  • The Nederman FilterBox 10A (available in mobile and floor mounted units) is designed to extract and filter dust and welding fumes at the source. This unit includes an advanced filter control system with automatic cleaning that starts when the air flow is too low. An automatic damper prevents dust from leaking out while cleaning occurs – mechanical cleaning for dust applications, and a combination of mechanical and compressed air cleaning for both fumes and dust.
  • The FilterBox 10A guarantees additional protection from harmful particles when a HEPA filter is installed.

Envirox is available to handle all dust collector needs, as well as provide information and suggestions around the extractor requirements of the business.