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Traditional fume extraction methods such as extraction hoods over workbenches are fraught with many deficiencies.

Common problems associated with traditional extraction solutions are that, welders are always exposed to contaminated airflow. The extraction of large volumes of heated air can be a drain on limited energy resources. They are therefore generally considered ineffective in comparison to modern fume extraction methods.

Unlike traditional fume extraction methods, modern extraction solutions have a proven track record of effectively and efficiently extracting welding fumes and gases at source. The major advantage of modern extraction techniques is that welders are highly protected from inhaling hazardous fumes.

Below we share a few contemporary fume extraction solutions used for capturing and removing dangerous fumes and dust particles in a metalworking environment.

Fume Extraction with Extraction Arms

Extraction arms are designed for use in various applications. Their suitability has been tried and tested in most industries, even corrosive and explosive industries. They provide a cost-effective means to extract fumes, dust or vapours at their source.

One major attraction to extraction arms is their flexibility in all directions. They are very simple and easy to position, extend and retract. They come in different lengths and hose diameters. They can be combined with a variety of accessories such as hoods or dampers for improved efficiency and extra reach.

Envirox has a wide range of Nederman extraction arms with fixed on mobile options available in the form of FilterBox and FilterCart.

Welding Torch with Integrated Fume Extraction

The welding torch with integrated fume extraction is also known as the On-Torch extraction. On-torch extraction is a form of extraction-at-source which allows operators to work over large areas as well as inside construction.

This method uses high vacuum technology, that is, high speed extraction and low air volumes to extract the fumes. On-Torch is especially suitable for robotic welding. It is a cost-effective method of extraction as it reduces the amount of heated air extracted from the premises. Efficiency levels can be as high as 98%.

Envirox extraction solutions include a range of on-torch extraction systems and easy to move filter units for various welding processes such as cutting, grinding and sanding.

Vacuum and Filtering Systems

A industrial vacuum system is a versatile and cost-effective solution that offers an improved working conditions for welders and their colleagues. The system provides high vacuum power for capturing fumes from welding torches, grinding, sanding and cutting, and for general housekeeping.

Envirox supplies, maintains and installs a range of Nederman high vacuum systems for all industrial applications that require a cleaner and safer workspace. The solution includes everything from mobile units to large centralised systems that eliminate excess and potentially dangerous fumes and gases.

For a complete customised welding fume extraction solutions, do not hesitate to contact our professional team of filtration experts at Envirox for an initial assessment of your needs and requirements.