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Diffusing a fiery situation

Dust filtration is a critical part of any industrial facility, affecting a whole range of internal business and performance aspects, from worker health and safety and environmental compliance all the way to site and facility insurance costs.

Envirox recently helped a soya crushing plant in Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng, mitigate the risks caused by the high-flammability of the airborne dust its production created, helping the company create an all-round leaner, more cost-effective operation.

“The plant handled an organic product that inevitably created a highly explosive airborne dust,” explains Daniel van Zyl, Project Manager, Envirox. “The severity of this explosion risk was highlighted by the issues the company had with insurance on the building. Our objective was to design and supply a dust filtration system capable of extracting and converting the air in the storage facility, modifying the building into an essentially non-explosive site.”

The solution entailed the design, supply and installation of the first-ever Nederman NFKZ Dust Collector in Africa with explosion relief. “We also supplied industrial fans, non-return valves and ducting,” van Zyl continues. “We executed a smooth assembly and installation of the complete system, despite the added complexities of the novel use of the explosion relief dust collector solution, to easily meet our stipulated project deadlines.”

How is the system performing? “We received positive feedback from the client, who was happy to report that the insurers were highly impressed with the installation. This goes a long way in helping the plant achieve maximum performance efficiency,” van Zyl concludes.


Mitigating operational risk – a system overview:

Envirox supplied the following products as part of a tailored air filtration solution:

  • NFKZ Dust Collector: A modular baghouse dust collector that is ideal for handling large volumes of air, from 6 000 to 500 000 m3 / hour. It is designed for outdoor use, and ATEX-certified for St1 and St2 dust.
  • Combifab Industrial Fans: Versatile extractor fans for use in a range of applications and industries, Combifab fans are energy-efficient, reliable and require little maintenance. ATEX-certified for explosive dust and gas.
  • CARZ Valve: These non-return valves are designed to prevent downstream explosions from travelling up the air system’s pipework and thus preventing devastating, widespread facility damage.
  • Ducting: Our modular ducting solution is quick and easy to assemble, while providing application flexibility and reliable, high-quality airflow performance for industry. Ducting was earthed in this application to mitigate the explosive risk of the dust.

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